Karma Tirtha - its objective, role & function

Karma Tirtha is a priority project of the State Government . The basic objective of Karma Tirtha is to provide an ideal ambience for marketing the products of the artisans, weavers, micro & small entrepreneurs, backward and poor SHGs and interaction between them and the consumers, buyers, exporters round the year in an organized manner.Endeavour is there to develop each Karma Tirtha as a marketing hub in a prominent place having good connectivity and nearer to the market. Thus Karma Tirtha provides opportunities for organized marketing facilities at the same time there will be wider scope for employment generation through direct and indirect channel.

Each Karma Tirtha is contemplated in such a way that it will be the centre point of economic activity where trade & commerce will thrive. It has also plan to organize exhibition and cultural events to showcase the regional and cultural heritage. Thus Karma Tirtha is planned to act as an economic, social and cultural development of the area where the quality of life of the people will be improved.

Karma Tirtha shall be the exclusive property of the Government of West Bengal. Primarily, it will house 30 permanent stalls in a single storied building with foundation for two storied structure and an open space for temporary accommodation for economically weak micro artisans/entrepreneurs on rotation basis.

As per Karma Tirtha Operation & Management Rules-2014, a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) will be formed out of the suitable beneficiaries selected by the District Selection Committee for each Karma Tirtha to undertake maintenance, operation and management of Karma Tirtha on the basis of a ninety nine years’ lease agreement between the State Government and the SPV, which will make a sub-lease agreement for five years with each of the thirty beneficiaries i.e.stallallottees. SPV will generate adequate income for meeting all the running expenditures & depreciation and ensure provision for replacement/expansion of capital assets. Any shortfall or surplus of income over expenditure shall be borne or retained by the SPV and should not be shared amongst its membersin the form of dividends, incentive or otherwise.

District-wise Status Report of Karma Tirtha to be developed by Department of Industry, Commerce and Enterprises as on 15-05-2017