COIR Development

West Bengal holds 5th position in the country in respect of production coconut. There is potential for development of Coir Industries in the State. The annual production of coconut in West Bengal is about 324.3 million nuts with an area of 24,200 hectors for coconut cultivation.

Howrah, South 24 Parganas, North 24 Parganas, Medinipur (Purba), Murshidabad are the five districts of West Bengal producing 79% of the total coconut production of the State. Though the State has good potential for development of coir industries in terms of production and availability of coconut but this industry has not yet been developed to the desired level.

According to the study conducted by the WEBCON, there are 40 registered and 370 unregistered SSI units in coir industries in the State providing employment to 3184 people. Howrah and South 24 Parganas districts have been taken up for intensive development of the coir industries in some selected areas like Uluberia in Howrah district and Dhanchiberia in South 24 Parganas district because of the availability of the coconut husk and skilled persons in these two areas.

The Programme of coir development activities undertaken :

  1. Opening of Sub-Regional Office of Coir Board at Kolkata
  2. Operation of TCSC-Danchiberia for production of Coir Fibre
  3. Installation of Curling machine at TCSC Dhanchiberia
  4. Providing motorised ratts to the Trained women
  5. Setting up of Coir Manufacturing Units in private sector
  6. Financial assistance under REMOT(Rejuvenation, Modernization and Technology Upgradation) scheme for setting up of Coir Industries
  7. Formation of Self Help Groups
  8. Training given under Mahila Coir Yojana Scheme
  9. Marketing Assistance for marketing of Coir Products
  10. Organization of National Seminar
  11. TCSC(Coir Centre ) at Nimdighi, Uluberia in Howrah district

During the year 2010-11, (i) Rs.5,52,000/- was allotted by the Govt. in favour of GM,DIC, South 24-Prgs for conducting the training programme of coir yarn and for development of coir industries . 54 nos of trainees were trained during this financial year . (ii)For renovation and repairing of TCSC, Dhancheberia , Rs.3.37,500 has been sanctioned by the Govt. in favour of GM,DIC, South 24-Prgs.(iii) Rs.1,32,000/- was allotted to DIC, Purba Medinipur . A training programme was conducted by DIC with 10 artisans of mfg. of coir yarn.

Training-cum-Servicing Centre for Manufacturing of Coir Products

Directorate of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprisesis having two Coir Training-cum-Servicing Centres at Uluberia in the district of Howrah and Dhancheberia in the district of South 24-Parganas. Both the Centres are equipped with machines and other infrastructure to manufacture coir fibre for supplying to the tiny coir units. There are provisions for providing training on manufacture of coir products in both the above training Centres. Both the Centres were closed since long time back. After constant persuasion, the Uluberia centre was re-opened and de-fibring operation in the centre has started. Actions are being taken for re-opening the Dhancheberia Centre.