Industrial Census

The Micro & Small Scale Enterprises Sector is a critical segment of the economy . It has a large share in employment generation and a significant contribution to manufacturing output & exports of the country. Effective policy formulation for the promotion and development of MSME Sector requires a sound and comprehensive data base.

Govt, of India in Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises through DC (MSME) has conducted three censuses of registered Small Scale Industries (now termed as Micro & Small enterprises (MSEs) prior to the enactment of the Micro, Small & Medium enterprises Development (MSMED) Act, 2006. The last census was conducted in 2002-03 with reference year 2001-02. The unregistered segment was surveyed for the first time in that census using a two-stage stratified sampling design.

Considering the importance of data base for policy formulation, an All India 4th census was introduced in 2008 in association with State Govts, so as to strengthen the data base for MSME Sector, Statistics & information will be collected in respect or number of units, employment, rate of growth, share of GDP, value of production, extent of sickness/closure, export and all other relevant parameters of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises, including Khadi village industry units set up under Rural Employment Generation Programme & Prime Minister's Rozgar Yojana, through annual sample surveys and quinquennial Census. The quinquennial census and annual sample surveys of MSMEs will also collect data on women-owned and / or managed enterprises.

On behalf of State Govt, in M & SSE&T Deptt. Govt, of West Bengal, D.I.C. plays an important role to collect the data as per census schedules (annexed herewith) and sample survey schedules (annexed herewith). The Census relates to the reference year 2006-07 the overall result of 4th census is displayed below:-

i. No. of Registered DICs Units - 52955 No. units in Final Frame list - 69099
ii. No. of ASI Units (Medium) - 8727 Total covered under census - 69099
iii. No. of KVIC/KVIB/Coir Units - 7417 No. of working units - 42525
  Total:   69099 No. of closed units - 11769

Govt, of India in DC (MSME) selected 816 villages/18 towns of different blocks/Municipalities of districts of W.B. The result of sample survey of un-registered MSMEs (based on Economic Census-2006)using a two-stage stratified sampling design is given below.

  1. No. of MSMEs found in the list (As in col.9 of Format IV)( a) Mfg. - 15952 (b) Servicing- 8231
  2. No. of MSMEs surveyed (a) Mfg. 7368 (b) Servicing-3931

Accordingly, the respective information of Format V is collected for each & every surveyed enterprise. We have completed the 4th All India Census & Sample Survey of Un-registered enterprises by Dec. 2009.

Diagnostic Study of Registered Closed Units

  1. A Diagnostic study has been undertaken to study the reasons of closure of 11525 Registered SSI units which were found closed during the 4th All India Census of MSMEs with a view to explore possibilities of their reopening. Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Pulakesh Maity have devised the project and will use their expertise in analyzing the data towards preparation of the desired result that will help in formulating policies for revival of the closed units having potential to survive.
  2. So far the enumeration of the individual closed registered units has been completed (except in the district of Howrah and in Kolkata Municipal area).
  3. It is expected that the final report in this regard will be ready by the end of July, 2012.